Saturday, November 19, 2005


Food truths;

- goes better with beer
- sometimes needs to be so spicy hot, you can feel it all the way through
- The best part about Kimchee is not the spicy, garlicy fermented cabbage when eaten. Its that the shit fights back afterwards.
- coffee should always be strong
- milk has it's uses, but in general, it's nasty stuff
- most people can't write a recipe for shit, this is why even if you have instructions it's good to know the basics
- the above, x2 if it's posted on the internet
- western society, in general, has an under appreciation for the many aspects of the flavor of fish
- same for garlic, come on... i can taste at least 5 dimensions in there. Peal a clove, and stick it between cheek and gum sometime and you'll know what I mean
- make no compromises, a household eating at the lowest common denominator is a household full of mostly miserable people. send the white-bread throwback to McD's and make some FOOD.
- Alton Brown is a fucking god.
- In a good way.
- When you watch "Clash of the Titans" and start wondering if the Kracken is white meat or red meat, you are open minded enough.
- Too bad it's a rubber stop-action puppet.
- Yum! Kracken with garlic/cilantro marinade over mesquite!


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